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Do you have scrap metal items?

For a 60$ MINIMUM charge we’ll come pick up the items you have.

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Scrap Metals 

Wrought Iron Fencing

Chaintk Fencing

Old Unwanted Appliances




Break Drums

Break Rotors

Hanging of holiday lighting 

Copper Pipes

Copper Wireing


Other Metallic Items

Future Services

Services that will be offered in the Future may include but not limited to the following:

Keys for ca$h

Housing rentals

Process Services (Officer of the Court)

Headlight Restoration and Repair

Headstone Restoration (Brass/Copper)

Pressure Washing

Painting Interior & Exterior of homes

Graffiti removal $300 minimum

Handyman Services

Cleaning and Clearing of Estates

Hanging of holiday lighting

Irrigation system repairs and tune ups

All Phases Landscape

Landscape Design

All Phases Construction 

Brush Clearance

General Contracting Services

Design & Construction

Architectural Drawings & Art Illustrations 

Electrical - all 

Plumbing- all

Fencing & Gates 

Patio decks & Covers

Pathways & Driveways

Bridges & Fountains

Jacuzzi & Barbecues

Bathroom/Kitchen remodel

Flooring & Tile

Advertisement & Social Media Promotions